Managing performance and working relationships for a focused and efficient business We can help with your employment law matters Do you know what documentation you need? Do all your employees have Terms and  Conditions of Employment? Do you need help recruiting the right person?
We are there to support you if you are a small business needing help starting up or if you are an established company we offer you

Working With You

We are your HR Manager and part of your team: we review what you have, deliver what you need and then support you on an ongoing basis.
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Supporting Your HR Department

We are there to support your HR department, an extra pair of hands whether it is an increase in workload, large project or assignment.
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Service Packages

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Great value HR service packages will ensure you’re business HR needs are fully met without costing the earth.
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Policies and Procedures

For all our clients we will deliver the HR documentation you require and then support you on an ongoing basis.
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Latest Blogs

How To Create Your Network

Posted on April 17, 18
How To Create Your Network

For a smaller business networking is key, so what is the most effective way to do it? the first step in developing your network is to proactively list the contacts you want to develop relationships with,  These are the people who can help in achieving business and professional goals or...

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How do you help an employee that is grieving?

Posted on April 12, 18
How do you help an employee that is grieving?

Losing someone close to them is devastating for anyone, and how you as employer support your employees is important. The first step is to put a policy in place for compassionate leave with clear guidelines showing how much time an employee can have off per year and for which relatives...

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